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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the April 2016 edition of the MedMedia Publications e-bulletin. This year we are pleased to be celebrating our 25th year in business. 

While the publishing landscape has considerably changed, our specialised medical journals and websites still thrive and company-wide we continue to develop additional digital services, embracing the latest technology.

Meanwhile, our longstanding associations with key medical organisations continue - the ICGP, INMO, Diabetes Ireland, the Irish Heart Foundation, the National Institute for Preventive Cardiology and the cancer organisations, and more recently, the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute.

Geraldine Meagan 


New nutrition journal to launch in April

A new journal, Professional Nutrition and Dietetic Review, is being launched this month. Published by MedMedia, the publication is produced in partnership with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI). It will have a multi-disciplinary focus and will be distributed to: INDI members, gastroenterologists, paediatricians, specialist cancer, diabetes and cardiology nurses, practice nurses and some GPs. The journal will reflect current thinking on aspects of nutrition and dietetics from an evidence-based perspective. It will be of interest to health professionals in promoting preventive health and in managing nutrition in patients with various conditions as part of their overall care.

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Over 1,000 Irish medical authors contributing to

Thirty-six channels, research, opinion, the latest in clinical developments, hospital case studies, features, daily news – offers the most extensive and up-to-date content for health professionals though registration only. The site now has content by 1,092 health professional authors who have written for our journals, including most of the key opinion leaders in Irish medicine.

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Forum at the forefront of accredited education in print for 2016

The Forum distance learning programme continues in 2016 with doctors offered the convenience of studying modules in print but achieving their two PCS credits by doing their MCQs online. Over 2,000 GPs have been participating in the scheme. Forthcoming modules include pain, AF, breast cancer and osteoarthritis.

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Sponsorship opportunities with MedMedia publications in 2016

As well as display/banner advertising, we also have a range of sponsorship packages available. Examples of these are:

 -Hospital Doctor continuing education modules (CEPs)

 -Forum distance learning

 -Forum clinical focus/clinical challenge

 -World of Nursing monthly recruitment section

 -Cancer Professional corporate sponsorship

 -Professional Nutrition and Dietetic Review Corporate Sponsorship

 -Meeting reports (written or supplied)

 -Patient awareness campaigns

 -Website clinic sponsorships

 -Loose inserts/stitched inserts/belly wraps

For these and other options with our journals and websites, please contact: Leon Ellison ( Phone 01-2710218

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