Prescribing information

Chronic back pain - a stepwise approach to management
Chronic back pain can prove challenging to treat as often it has a significant psychological component

IBD - focus on chronic fatigue
IBD typically affects people aged 15-35 years and the incidence and impact of chronic fatigue in those affected may be underestimated

Food allergies in children
In our Hospital Clinical Education Programme, we focus on five case studies, including the case of a three-month-old boy who presents with difficulty feeding and persistent crying

Management of head injuries
This clinical update includes initial assessment right through to potential complications and possible 'red flags'

Big improvement in palliative care for children
Not enough women taking folic acid
Most over-50s know little about shingles
Map highlights vitamin D deficiency in Dublin
Number of caesareans continues to rise
Medication inspections to begin in hospitals
Immunotherapy in renal cell carcinoma: A work in progress
Management strategies for treatment-resistant depression
Global burden of diseases and the challenges ahead
Medical management of renal stones
Concussive head injury in children and adolescents
Designer bugs as drugs
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