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Dear Member
Welcome to your latest newsletter from Wth summer now a distant memory, the HSE has launched its Winter Initiative - its plan to cope with the expected surge in demand for health services over the coming months. However, those working on the frontline are concerned it will not be enough. Meanwhile, a new Irish study has found that over half of adults aged 50 and older are not exercising enough, with many citing health problems and injuries as reasons for this.
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Doctors think ED plan will make no difference

Winter Initiative 'is more about PR than reality'
Top Features
Poor understanding of palliative care
Many Irish adults have a poor understanding of what palliative care involves, with younger adults particularly in the dark
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Majority of over-50s not exercising enough
More than half of Irish adults over the age of 50 are not getting enough exercise, with many sitting for an average of seven hours every day
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Irish team in sepsis breakthrough
Sepsis claims more lives than cancer worldwide, however Irish scientists have made a breakthrough which has the potential to prevent the condition from becoming life-threatening
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